fashion: drawing models


here is a site for who are interested both in fashion and creating it. good for beginners that teaches the body proportions ..every one starts with this kind of a site i guess, to fashion design. Then if you are interested and if you are still not bored of all that drawing the bodies stuff, you continue with education. or more hard work..

here is what i did at the end of a summer couse in Arte, italy about fashion design.i am also totally a beginner=)



~ by yagmurbaspinar on March 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “fashion: drawing models”

  1. Hey Fashionista! Love your sketches! Keep up the great work! Check out my blog…………

  2. thank you=) i will : )

  3. Wow, that came out great!! Here’s another site that has fashion figures and other free templates that you can trace your figures and designs over, or use as a guide when you sketch fashion illustrations:

  4. Nice!
    Please check out my blog!
    I’m new to blogging, I’d love your feedback!

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