fashion:layering and web sites

I’ve been trying to write a post about layering, which I found interesting and fashionable these days. Talking about layering; I mean wearing lots of things layer by layer which at first sight,doesn’t always look to be fitting each other. I adore people who are good at it.I mean you can wear alike colors together it is easy but people use different colours and patterns together and it look amazing.Marc Jacobs did it for Spring-Summer 2009 collection.I must say however, his style of layering is so not what I am talking about.

marcjacobs<=Marc Jacobs 2009

I will look for the pictures and sites of layering in my understanding, but for now this post is about something different. While I was searching for fashion sites to find good examples of layering which is said to be well done by Japanese, I found some good web sites about fashion. is one of them, it is a vintage clothing shopping site. Which in some way connected to layering as I like vintage clothes to be part of a clothing composition. You can simply choose a time period that you want clothes of .

Another great web site is has a part that you can find out people’s styles actually nowadays there are plenty of blogs that gather pictures of people from streets and put them into visitors comments. I must say most of them are rubbish;they are not even stylish , i don’t even talk about aestetics ..But I liked this site’s style and inspiration parts.If you are buying fashion magazines to see real street clothes of stylish people, you shouldn’t settle for a few photos of Agyness Deyn or Li-Lo. (Not that I don’t like them.)You can find what i mean under style gallery/people.

Speaking of fashion magazines, is also a good site ,some kind of an online fashion magazine.

It is all for now..


~ by yagmurbaspinar on March 25, 2009.

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  1. Cool would love to read more

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