fashion: it was time for a new post

It’s nice to be here in another fashion post. I miss writing about fashion a lot .everything that comes to my mind day by day, sticks to my mind and needs to be emptied from time to time. It is gonna be a little complex( not the  right word), actually mixed post since i have so much to tell=)

First starting with that layering issue I wrote about earlier.. I’ve been looking in lots of web sites to find good examples to it but I am bad at it I guess. Or it is the thing that when you search for it, it’s never there. However I found some of them in a lookbook. That is another story; lookbooks. There are plenty of lookbooks on web some of them  are highly professional. The one I most liked among all is I try to look at it at least once a week and it is updated daily. It has a system that people took photos and send to the site, not like the most of lookbooks that are consisted of photos taken by the site admin. What is surprising, sent photos are really good with the photo quality and the style. I sometimes see things that I would never wear on in the photos and actually like it. That is the power of composition in fashion to me; nothing is ugly and unstylish unless you combine them wrongly.


Whatever, the picture above is what I call layering. It is from the lookbook of nymag and it also has an interview besides.If you are interested here is the link:

I am not talking about the whole picture on the left but the right close-up is so what i mean. Take a look at the color, pattern and fabric variety. And it look stylish.. I mean wearing all in black and white may be stylish, too but isn’t it a little boring? Try something new,definitely yo will feel better. You won’t be successful at the first time but who cares…

On this layering issue I started to think more about colours and their combinations. I found a web site doing just it ;


The site has this kind of color palette’s that are produced from stylish photos. The two pictures I saw were the two I saw before in this palette is taken from an outfit which just as I mentioned before has an “ı would never wear” piece. And the second one I saw has the skirt with high waist and colors. I felt close to the web site.

I will make a little gossip here about celebrities. That is something in my mind about Gossip Girl. Everyone’s talking about every single thing in the TV series I know. I couldn’t keep myself commenting about it somehow. Saw it in Elle’s Turkey edition that even Elle talked about GG. Jenny Humphrey for instance, is she stylish? Everyone says so and yes she is the most brave character in the name of fashion. She is a stylist already. I saw in a blog about her accessories that are nice and fashionable and another blog says her hair looks awful. They are all right I must say. I can’t keep looking at her bad hair and no I can’t think about her look besides her hair. they should do something with it. And Blair, she is nice looking isn’t she? Her purses are always gorgeous.Even though I hate that coronets she always wears elegant. And of course Chuck Bass. To me, his style is the best and it’s worth watching the series even for only his style.

I sometimes think there must be a special edition of Twitter that people write what they wear or take photos of themselves daily. Wouldn’t it be nice?=)


~ by yagmurbaspinar on April 9, 2009.

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