Today I watched Blow Up, for my film class ,by Antonioni. It is the first cinema post in my blog although I am watchin at least 2 movies a week ,mostly more.  I found it worth writing and I felt like I should as I saw on net ,noone likes this movie that much. I loved it. I am not a “fan of every movie she saw” girl. It is the first movie I saw by Antonioni and I loved it. I put a photo of the scene that was so impressing and was actually a sign that this is a marvellous movie.

I gave the decision to write about it when I saw the review in by a site named variety. I couldn’t keep myself commenting on it and now here we are in a movie post. Above all the “message of the film” problem it was higly watchable with gorgeous woman appearing nude when you don’t even expect it, and the sense of mystery. The mystery that goes on fine with the silence of the movie. And the mod culture, people who like the movie generally liked it because of it. I don’t think it was the main aspect of the movie but I never knew about it and now I learned.Watch it if you are not looking for romantic comedies or adventure films. Don’t watch it if you are going to write reviews of it when you are not even capable of understanding the movie. It is definitely not the movie’s fault.


~ by yagmurbaspinar on April 15, 2009.

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