Interior design: cool stuff

It had been a week since my last post. My laptop’s hard disk was dead so they needed to change it. I will cover some great ideas of interior design I have been seeing through the web. Well, lets start with an idea for cat lovers. It is a Asahi Kasei work , a Japan designer. For the people who live with their cats and want them to have their own space at home, it is a great house. The house lets them have their own stairs and rooms.


The next thing is one you must have seen before but I couldn’t not mention it. It is a lightning idea that wall looks to be torn and there is light coming from there.


Another thing I saw interesting is heat sensitive materials. Here are wallpapers and ceramics that change with heating.Wallpaper branches become flowery and the brown ceramics become blue.



And the last thing I want to include in my post is a link that you can manage a floor ,that you can put sofas,beds etc. It is a little like the Sims=) It is really simple and you don’t need to download anything for using it. For sure, it’s not for professional use but it may still work for people who are trying to design their houses.


~ by yagmurbaspinar on April 30, 2009.

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