typography: this week’s hw and overall look

This week, after my teacher’s warnings I thought 24/7 about what I understood wrong. But I guess now I understand what I should have done. It is kinda the last homework of my typography class, instead of the final homework that has not yet assigned. For weeks, after we got to use color and shapes, I believed that I should  create something directly connected to the person I am making the design of ;as one of my teachers told me,so . And the other teacher, told us how to design by very basics as we actually didn’t know anything about it. How to combine them, I tried and failed a few times. Now after last week’s tell off , I understand at last. If anyone reads it, and having rough time about this course anywhere in the world, typography is about designing texts and if you are not able to do it with shapes and colours, you shouldn’t do it with them. When texts aren’t designed correctly; your shapes, the intelligence of your idea or its authenticity is nothing, as the whole page doesn’t look right actually. Every idea that you think that is great, is your enemy; trying to complicate your mind and brings you to the wrong solution. Sometimes, it is so fucking hard to see that you did awful, after hours of work . All you need is some advice and what you get makes you angry and sad,but it is crucial. So this week, I tried to fall over the design of text blocks, heading and subhead. And then, I tried to make this design special to the topic I am working on, just like my other teacher wants me to. I must say, I am not impressed of my work that much, maybe much less than the ones I thought I was doing right( but I was wrong.) That was because of my try to make art out of them, I guess.

This happened to be a long explanation of this week’s homework but I wanted to share as this is what I learned from this course, right or wrong and this course is the reason I started this blog. It deserves a few words. I will also post my final homework. (and my grade:) )


20th century express


~ by yagmurbaspinar on May 24, 2009.

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