çubuk chinese restaurant.

for our corporate identity project we chose 3  concepts. one of them is Çubuk Chinese Restaurant. For this project, we start with deciding our restaurant’s (imaginary) interior design. I searched chinese restaurants in world in all kinds to see what their interior and website looks like and their relation to their logos.

flower-drum floata

The images above are two restaurants, one is Flower Drum in Australia, and the second one is Floata Sea-Food restaurant in Canada. They both are good Chinese restaurants with middle range prizes. And like some other Chinese restaurants in that range, they use reddish tones with wooden chairs and tables.


Hons wun-tun house has 5 restaurants in Canada. It is more like a chain restaurant with cheaper menu and with no special interior design. It could be any kind of diner.

kirindowntown sun sui wah

Kirin Seafood and Sun Sui Wah Seafood restaurants are also in Canada. There are 5 of Kirin Restaurants. They both have wooden chairs, white table clothing and a classic interior design.It has a serif font logo unlike most Chinese restaurants.

chungYu yusmandarin

Chung Restaurant and Yus Mandarin Restaurant are both in USA. They are not chain restaurants. Yus Mandarin, again has the wooden chair, white tablecloth, reddish carpet concept like its equivalents in Canada.


Cha Cha Moon is a Chinese Noodle Bar in London, “in the soul of regional cooking”. Has two restaurants and definitely has a different interior design than the other Chinese restaurants I covered so far. Minimalistic design with wooden seds and no tableclothing. It has a different color scale with orange, yellow and green. Modern and elegant.

I was going to make another post for Chinese restaurants in Istanbul but Wagamama, is so alike to Cha Cha Moon that I wanted to include it here.


It has the same wooden seds with only paper table mats, a modern interior designand no rug.

hakkasanlondon hakkasanmiami

Hakkasan, has 3 stores in Istanbul, Miami and London. These pictures above are from Miami. London has a similar interior design, too. Cold and warm colours are used together with blues and silver. No tablecloth or rug just like other modern interior designed Chinese restaurants with higher price range. I wanted to include its logo also.

hakkasanlogo Its logo doesn’t give the sense of Hakkasan being a Chinese restaurant, but sure is classy.


Princess Garden, again in London, is like a mixture of them. Has wooden chairs but more modern, has no rug.

yauatcha yauatcha2

Yauatcha is a luxury Chinese restaurant. It is expensive and it even defines the waiters as “who could just be film stars”. There is a bluw lightning, cold colours, no rug or tablecloth. Glass and marble is used.

shanghai bllues

Shanghai Blues is also a luxury Chinese restaurant. It is seen that they used wooden furniture and saturated colours but no tableclothing. It is a warm atmoshphere but it doesn’t have the reddish colour tones in restaurant or in logo.

pfchangs peiwei--



pickup stix 002

These 4 photos are from chain restaurants in USA. The first one is P.F.Chang’s, they have 133 restaurants in USA. Second one is PeiWei Asian Diner (136 restaurants), third ManchuWok(200 restaurants), fourth Panda Express (1241 restaurants). Panda express looks exactly like a fastfood restaurant and it serves as it is. Just like any other fastfood chain restaurant it uses light saturated colours. ManchuWok also looks like a fastfood restaurant and it is, but it uses the black-red combination that Chinese restaurants always use. P.F.Chang’s and PeiWei are not fastfood restaurants and they both have wooden furniture and reddish colour tones with brown. Pick-up stix which is the fifth picture was a restaurant chain with 26 restaurants before its closing.


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