Keşfekeder city guide and magazine



tradeart An underground art magazine in Washington.

out mag Gay men’s fashion, entertainment and lifestyle magazine.

modernurbanguidesCity guides.

itchy London events and places.

girlsguidetocitylifeCity guide for girls, in London. More like a blog.

fucmonline “fresh underground culture magazine”

dazed digital A British  music, fashion, film, art magazine.

bizarre An alternative magazine which include unusual events around the world.

URBUrban lifestyle and culture magazine.



istanbul life

fynetimes Gay and lesbian magazine.


case magazineUrban and street culture magazine.

These websites are magazines or magazine’s official websites. They both include events about their target audience, city life, culture and different kinds of art. City guides have sections for food, nightlife etc. Some of them creates their own events also. They all have similar plans, at the top and left corner the name of the magazine, and underneath it the sections. And then comes the events.

I liked “fyne times” the most, it looks simple.


~ by yagmurbaspinar on October 12, 2009.

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