some catch up

I know I haven’t post much lately. It’s because of I am soo lazy even if I don’t want to.

Here is a site I liked. Content is good too but I liked the site design more. It is cool to read what he wrote while waiting for loading the site.

And a poster site. I like to look at things just to think about other stuff. When you look at an apple and find the greatest idea including a banana. I think there should be lookbooks of graphic design, photography etc.  just like fashion lookbooks. I couldn’t write about fashion, too. I definitely will in a few days..

I saw a website named logoyes. I creates quick logos, in 5 steps. Then you buy what you created. It is cheesy for sure. Here what I made using logoyes; it also creates your matching card in 2 steps. It’s like McDonald’s for graphic design and that’s why you shouldn’t expect quality.

bıt pazarı



~ by yagmurbaspinar on October 27, 2009.

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